Donations Requests Will Resume 1/15/20
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help in your cause. The majority of our donations are to charitable causes or those helping students, athletes or civil servants.
Pelican’s Donation Guidelines
Pelican’s realizes the importance of community support and thanks you for your request. We generally support charitable and civic organizations first. We sponsor Little League teams, soccer teams, Wildcats Hockey and individual athletic pictures. In addition, we’ve helped organizations like the Red Cross, the Wichita Falls Symphony, WFISD, the United States Military, the American Cancer Society, multiple church functions, Midwestern State University Corporate Sponsorship, 50+ Zone,P Pregnancy Help Center, Safe Senior nights for graduating seniors and many others. It is not unusual to get a donation request on average every day of the week. Requests are not handled through the restaurant. To insure that we can help with your fund-raiser, please follow these guidelines:
  • Fill out this form.
  • Make your request 30 days before the event. Due to volume, all requests cannot be honored. Therefore, it is best to get your request in early. We can only take requests for the Wichita Falls area.
  • You should hear from us within 30 days if your request is accepted or declined.
  • We cannot take donation requests in December. If you have a need for an event taking place in December or January, please get your request in by November.
Thank you!

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